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I want to make your day just a bit better with a splash of humor and a spot of color…

About Amy the Beloved

Welcome to my blog! I’m Amy, homeschool graduate, sister, and daughter of Christ. Pull up a chair and we’ll talk about art, life and how I’m certain squirrels are trying to take over the world

About the Blog!

          Ever since I was a little girl, I always had a pencil in my hand. Drawing was the way I expressed myself (besides allegedly jumping on my sister's head in the middle of the night, but I was too young to remember that, so I can't really say it happened) Over the years though , I've come to realize that making people smile and bringing a bit of joy into your day, is something I love. My blog is dedicated to bringing you a moment of joy into your life, and putting a smile on your face!

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Steal my artwork and you’ll have to feed and walk it twice a day…do you really want all that responsibility?

-literally all artists everywhere ever

Be nice, don’t steal (all images are mine unless otherwise stated using proper grammar)